For The Everyday Woman

Rigel is not just capturing the way that you look, she is capturing the spirit that lives within you. For so many years I have struggled to see that spirit and through this process, I have realized what great things are to come. The great reconstruction that you undergo with a physical transformation is just part of the bigger picture. The mental aspect of the person that you see staring back in the mirror is the piece that I was missing for so long. I have that back thanks to Rigel. I see the beauty and power that lives within me that can do so much good in the community in which I live.

LeAnn Windsor

I thought it would be just another shoot. Rigel changed the lens through which I saw myself. I wanted to do the shoot to represent myself as an empowered black woman and to inspire others, but I was the one who left inspired! There is a statement that empowered women empower women! Rigel definitely empowered me to embrace myself! What I viewed as my flaws, she showed me the power and beauty that lies within them, making them not flaws at all, but sources of STRENGTH.

Qiana Clemens

“The last thing I wanted to do was get pictures of myself…I definitely make things awkward. However, from the minute I was out in front of the lens, Rigel took over. She has such a kind and gentle soul. Her words and direction relaxed me and made me feel beautiful. I am so grateful to have had this experience!”

Lisa Buckner